The 2020 Organizers (Félix Baril Boudreau, Marios Velivasakis, Udit Mavinkurve) express our special thanks to the Math Department at Western for supporting and funding the seminar, and to the organizers from previous years for carrying on with the project for several editions. A special mention to the 2019 Organizers (Félix Baril Boudreau, Sergio Chaves, Brandon Doherty) who worked on the current version of the website and to the 2018 Organizers (Beatrice Chetard, Luis Scoccola, Dinesh Valluri) who started the development of the website for the seminar which was the foundation for the current version. The legacy version of the website can be accessed here.


The official website for the Graduate Student Seminar is hosted in GitHub. The implementation was made by the student Sergio Chaves based on the open-source template Beautiful-Jekyll created by Dean Attali. It is also important to credit Félix Baril Boudreau and Brandon Doherty for transfering the abstracts hosted in the legacy site into the current format.